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Medical Provider Personalized Treatment

Sit down with an actual Medical Provider who understands your conditions and knows when to prescribe natural or conventional medicine.

Learn Healthy Cooking

Replace meat, dairy, and sugar in your diet through a variety of delicious and easy recipes. Make better eating choices armed with nutritional knowledge.

Prescribed Natural Remedies

Herbal teas, supplements, hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, charcoal, counseling, poultices, and diet plans are prescribed at you.

Learn Lifestyle Medicine

Understand the cause of your diseases and learn natural remedies and habits to reverse their progression

Prescribed Hot & Cold Therapy

Boost your immune system by increasing circulation and white blood cells.

Discover Simple Exercises

Spend time in nature as you learn the simplest exercise: walking.  

Accommodations Included

Let your body heal as you sleep soundly in a hotel-quality bed.  

Nutrition for Physical Health

Enjoy meals that aren't just delicious, but also low-fat, high-fiber and packed with whole grains, legumes, and nuts.


On the last Sunday of each month, the Mission Hope Church in Mission, Texas wants to invite you to join us for Dinner with the Doctors where we learn how to eat our way to amazing health!

Bring everyone you know for these family-friendly events of faith, food, fun and health tips. Also, please subscribe to our newsletters and monthly notifications so that you can be the first to know about all our special events. 

The Get Healthy Mega Clinic is returning to the RGV

June 23rd - June 25th 2017 and we need more help than ever! Last year's event was a huge success but we need more volunteers, sponsors and healthcare professionals to support our efforts by donating to this worthy cause. There is a tremendous need here in the Rio Grande Valley and we want to make sure that we can offer these FREE services to ALL the under-served and under-represented in our communities. Please join us and volunteer or donate today!

Take a look at some of the photos from last year's Get Healthy Mega Clinic

Make no mistake, health is wealth. The number one killer in the United States isn’t guns, or drugs, or car accidents. It’s heart disease — a ruthless killer that is directly related to what’s on our plates.


Heart disease claims the life of nearly one out of every three Americans.

Adopting a Vegan diet is a powerful way to prevent heart disease. In fact, a recent British study found that switching to a Vegan diet may cut your chances of developing heart disease by 32%! Animal foods tend to be high in cholesterol and saturated fat, major contributors to artery-clogging plaque.

In contrast, plant foods are low in saturated fat and contain no cholesterol. Zero. Additionally, the most powerful cholesterol- lowering dietary agents are soluble fiber, unsaturated fats, and phytochemicals, all of which are found almost exclusively in plant foods.


Here are some other ways that you can protect your heart just in time for Valentine’s Day:


Choose Dark Chocolate - Healthy chocolate sounds like a d...

Congratulations to the first graduating class of 2016 upon completion of the Cooper Wellness Center program. These students showed extordinary progress in their health since their initial assessment at the start of the program. Overall blood pressure, hypertension and chloresterol levels in these patients were decreased and their weight management was significantly improved.


Dr. Cooper-Dockery's Lifestyle Medicine has completely rejuvenated these patients' overall health and wellness. The wellness program at the Cooper Wellness Center empowers patients to engage in and sustain healthy lifestyles and behaviors that reduce risk factors for chronic disease. The goal of our wellness program is to impliment and promote various community resources to help patients achieve better emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being.



For this month, the Cooper Wellness Center and Get Healthy with Dr. Cooper participated in a Health Fair at the Pharrmer's Market supplied by the community garden. Both programs are part of the Food Bank of the RGV assisting in direct accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables for our community. The objective is to support access to convenient, healthy, and affordable organic fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis at our Pharrmer's Market.


Dr. Cooper-Dockery's philosophy is that our food directly impacts the condition of our health. Her mission is to educate and empower the citizens of the Rio Grande Valley to live longer, healthier lives. Dr. Cooper-Dockery's practice and her wellness center is committed to helping the community to treat, reverse and prevent diabetes and other chronic illnesses that are plauging our nation through simple lifestyle modifications such as healthy nutrition, an active lifestyle, and spiritual wellness.

1. Asparagus is a power food that is full of B vitamins that help to calm and de-stress you. They taste great steamed but can also be lightly seasoned, thrown raw into salads or they go great in stir-fries.

2. Avocados are a great source of healthy fats that can help you block stress. They're rich in glutathione, a substance that blocks intestinal absorption of certain fats that cause oxidative damage (the process that creates free radicals, the harmful compounds responsible for aging). Avocados also contain more folate than any other fruit. Try to stick to a single serving (about one- quarter of an avocado). Thinly sliced, it can go a long way on salads or replace mayo.

3. Oranges and other citrus fruits are vitamin C powerhouses. What's even better about them is that they can be taken on the go. You can just throw them in your pocket, backpack or purse and forget about them until you're ready for an easy, inexpensive snack.

4. Walnuts contain alpha- linolenic acid, an essential omega-3...

This recipe serves 6

– 8 carrots

– 3 boxes of mushrooms (about 30 mushrooms/850g)

– 3 400g tins of chopped tomatoes

– 2 400g tins of chickpeas

– 600ml of boiling water

– 7 tablespoons of tomato puree

– a big handful of coriander, about 50g

– 2 lemons plus 3 more to serve

– 4 teaspoons of turmeric

– 4 teaspoons of cumin power

– 3 teaspoons of ground chilli

– 3 cloves of garlic

Peeling the carrots, then chop them into pieces. Cut the mushrooms into thin slices. Place the crushed garlic, turmeric, cumin, chilli, salt and pepper into a large saucepan along with 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Allow this to heat until it’s bubbling, then pour in the tins of tomatoes, tomato puree and boiling water. Then stir in the chopped carrots and mushrooms. Bring this mix to the boil then turn it down to a simmer. Let this cook for about thirty minutes, then stir in the chickpeas (drain the tin first) and the finely chopped coriander. Let this cook for another twenty minutes, at which point the mushrooms and carrots sh...

September 25, 2015

Eating healthy can sometimes be a challenge in today's economy. I know that many times it is tempting to buy a dollar burger from a fast food joint than to go to the grocery store and spend more buying each natural organic ingredient to make a healthy meal. However, here are some simple tips on how to eat healthy meals on a budget.

1. Buy produce that is inseason.I know that this may sound too simple to be effective, but it really is. When you buy foods that are in season, it helps to reduce the costs because the grocery stores are able to order it at discounted prices. They are then able to pass on those savings to their customers. Sometimes they even have great sales. Join us for Shop with the Doc to learn what are some of the best power foods that promote a healthy lifestyle and look for the sales.

2. Embrace whole grains and beans. Beans and whole grains, like brown rice are an inexpensive and tasty way to bulk up meals, and can even be a meal in themselves.

3. Plan and prepare meals...

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