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Medical Provider Personalized Treatment

Sit down with an actual Medical Provider who understands your conditions and knows when to prescribe natural or conventional medicine.

Learn Healthy Cooking

Replace meat, dairy, and sugar in your diet through a variety of delicious and easy recipes. Make better eating choices armed with nutritional knowledge.

Prescribed Natural Remedies

Herbal teas, supplements, hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, charcoal, counseling, poultices, and diet plans are prescribed at you.

Learn Lifestyle Medicine

Understand the cause of your diseases and learn natural remedies and habits to reverse their progression

Prescribed Hot & Cold Therapy

Boost your immune system by increasing circulation and white blood cells.

Discover Simple Exercises

Spend time in nature as you learn the simplest exercise: walking.  

Accommodations Included

Let your body heal as you sleep soundly in a hotel-quality bed.  

Nutrition for Physical Health

Enjoy meals that aren't just delicious, but also low-fat, high-fiber and packed with whole grains, legumes, and nuts.

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Success is not an event, it is a process. Major goals in life are seldom achieved by dabbling or simply wishing.  

The ultimate key to weight loss success depends much on how consistently you take action doing what’s right.

How consistently do you eat fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables?

How consistently do you exercise when you know you should?

How consistently do you get adequate rest daily, weekly, and yearly? 

Whenever you embark upon a weight loss journey or any other health goal, ask yourself this important question before starting any program, “Am I prepared to do what’s necessary to be successful at this?” 

Once you make up your mind to get healthy for life, lose weight, or improve any area of your health, you must muster the courage to motivate yourself to keep at it. Even when you don’t feel like doing the things you know you need to do and that are good for you. 

Surround yourself with family, friends, and colleagues who will help you remain focused and go the distance...

The support of others is also a very important aspect of health. In fact, one study revealed that women suffering from breast cancer who took part in support group sessions once every week survived twice as long as those ladies who did not. According to Erik Peper, Ph.D., Associate Director of the Institute for Holistic Healing Studies at San Francisco State University, "There is overwhelming evidence that people who have few social contacts are more likely to get sick and less likely to recover from an illness."

Social relationships can also have an impact on people who suffer from clinical depression. A research study done by the University of Michigan in 2013 showed that one of the risk factors for becoming depressed is the quality of the relationships people have with one another. Moreover, some unconventional treatments for some cases of clinical depression that have had considerable results have been to spend time with positive people, take care of animals, and to help others in n...

Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery was recently on The MonetizeU Show as the guest expert to discuss a topic that needs serious attention and I'm sure it may be of interest to you as well. 

For small business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all sorts, balancing life, health, and business can be challenging and is often, in many cases, seen as an illusion. 

However, without good health, energy, and a clear mind, we can derail the very success we're seeking and cut short our life work and long-term vision. 

Is your business or job making you sick? If you find yourself sitting most of the day, not getting enough rest, exercise or proper nutrition, then grab a note-taking device and be prepared for some great AHA moments!

In this video below, I shared with the audience some strategic insights to balance your quest for achievement, peak performance, and wealth building. 

Visit the MonetizeU Show website at

 Have you considered becoming a certified health coach? Checkout


It is said that by 2020, more than half of all Americans will be diabetics or prediabetics.

Alarming? Yes indeed! But… the good news is that you don’t have to fit that statistic. We can crush any predisposition or current lifestyle habit that can lead to diabetes. There’s wisdom and advice we now have that make that more than possible.

My books 14 Days to Amazing Health and Get Healthy for Life offer tried-and- true

recommendations on what can be done to reverse, manage, and prevent diabetes. Today, however I want to share TWO simple, yet very powerful, game-changing pieces of advice that will help anyone beat diabetes before it beats you.

Here they are:

1. Having beans at every meal (Yes, even at breakfast!)

2. Taking a Digestive Walk

Legumes are the highest foods in fiber. Beans and peas fall into this category accounting for 10-16 grams of fiber per 1 cup. Fiber from whole grains is protective against diabetes and helps normalize blood sugar levels. It also makes you feel full an...

One of the key secrets for successful weight loss is simply to take a break. When you take a break from a restrictive eating plan to indulge in the foods you have been truly does your bod good, you receive the major benefit of a psychological boost. Feeling good and feeling positive is important for sticking to your weight loss plan.

Taking a break from dieting can also reboot your metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate tends to slow down when your body senses that you have reduced your calorie intake. A short break should get you revved up again and put you on the road to faster overall results.

Here Are 10 Signs That Tell You When to Take a Break From Dieting

  1. Do you feel irritable or anxious? Being on a reduced calorie diet for an extended period of time can take a toll on your patience and mood. Opting for a break such as a “cheat” day or weekend off should help you to feel better.

  2. Are you craving carbs? This could be caused by a decrease in leptin, which often happens after long...

Do you want to increase the amount of fat you’re losing on your weight loss journey? If so, try to increase your protein intake. Eating more protein, in the way we recommend on this site is one of the fastest ways to boost fat loss and also offers additional benefits.

Many people don’t eat a lot of protein from the right sources. Hence they end up with diets made up of mostly carbohydrates and fat. Fat contributes 9 calories per gram, compared to 4 calories per gram from carbs and protein. In addition to that, carbs have an insulin elevating effects. (Remember, insulin is also known as the fat storage hormone.) So it’s easy to see how this can hinder weight loss progress.

Get your rich supply of protein from grains and nuts and other natural sources. If you chose to supplement, do it naturally as well. Aim to increase your protein to about 30% of your total diet so you can achieve the best fat loss results possible.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Boost Protein for Weight Loss

  1. Eating pro...

Today, more and more people are experimenting with meditation and prayer. But do they really understand just how powerful these things are in relation to health and healing? Did you know that one-third of Americans say they use prayer to facilitate healing? This is according to Anne McCaffrey, M.D., of Harvard Medical School. She also noted that 69 percent of respondents claimed prayer improved their health.

Prayer indeed has many benefits. Both for the one who prays and for those whom prayers are offered. Whether you believe in the power pray or not, it’s hard to discount the fact that prayer has been the subject of all kinds of people for centuries. Kings, sages, poets, and prophets of antiquity handed down by precept and example this rich practice which has been widely studied in the modern scientific age.

Many reputable sources are now shining the light on countless scientific studies being conducted that seek to understand the true benefits of prayer. Here are some article head...

Illnesses of various sorts can literally sap the life forces out of us. Whether its addiction, chronic pain or fatigue, grief, depression, or cancer, the degree to which one has and sustains hope will determine how well they bounce back or respond to treatment. BUT... There's health and healing power through hope!

In his book, The Anatomy of Hope:  How People Prevail in The Face of Illness, Dr. Jerome Groopman, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Chief of Experimental Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and one of the world’s leading researchers in cancer and AIDS, wonderfully illustrates the role of hope in recovery and making health-related choices. He concludes his treatise thus:

“Hope, I have come to believe, is as vital to our lives as the very oxygen that we breathe.”

Hope and faith are virtually two sides of the same coin for they acknowledge a greater power beyond one’s self to combat illness or make key lifestyle changes. Even in the most severe ci...

We’ve heard it over and over: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! That’s because enjoying a satisfying, nutrient-dense breakfast gives your body a boost of nutrition after a long night of fasting. Supplying your body with the nutrition it needs helps to control food cravings throughout the day.

Use these 7 Tips to Plan the Perfect Breakfast and optimize your nutrition.

  1. The first step is to figure out how many calories you actually need. Use a calculator such as this one from Mayo Clinic. You can spread the calories evenly throughout the day or have a little more at breakfast. You haven’t eaten all night and need enough fuel to jumpstart your day!

  2. Think about your body’s weight goals. If you’re trying to lose weight then you’ll need to create a calorie deficit. Choose food leaner options instead of a high-carb, high-calories.

  3. How much time do you have for breakfast? If you’re short on time, prepare something like oats the night before and grab some fruits and nu...

Does breaking your diet lead to ongoing success? Yes! Especially if your diet plan is counterproductive and leaves you frustrated. As the saying goes, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We’ve already covered in a previous post, When to Take a Break From Dieting. It’s a key success strategy for achieving your weight loss goals. Taking a break from your weight loss diet plan may seem counterintuitive but it actually can be very helpful in the long-term.

Refusing to let yourself off the hook from time to time can put stress on you both mentally and physically. Allowing yourself some time to rest from your diet supports your long-term healthy eating goals in many ways.

Here Are 10 Reasons to Break Your Diet:

  1. Being on a diet for an extended period of time can have a negative effect on your mood. One simple change can release feel-good hormones that help improve your spirits.

  2. Taking a break from your diet can give your brain a much-ne...

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