Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery, MD.

Physician  |  TV Producer  |  Bestselling Author

Has dedicated over 27 years in positively changing healthcare outcomes both nationally and internationally. She is board certified in internal medicine and holds active memberships in the American Academy of Lifestyle Medicine and the American Medical Association.


Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery is the founder and director of Cooper Internal Medicine and the Cooper Wellness and Disease Prevention Center where patients are not only diagnosed and treated using the traditional healthcare approaches, but also through lifestyle modifications to uproot the causes of chronic diseases. Her highly effective 12 Weeks-to-Wellness Program has had significant results on many of her patients. Many of whom are enjoying more health with less medication and others have even gotten off medications entirely!


These patients have reversed diabetes and improved blood pressure. Others have lost weight, reduced cholesterol, or decrease the risk for coronary artery disease and early death.


Dr. Cooper-Dockery was named the Mega Doctor of October 2015 because of her efforts to make a difference and transform the health of the Rio Grande Valley and its future generations. She shares her wealth of knowledge and experiences through available books, e-courses, coaching programs, healthy cooking classes, and TV shows.

Live a Happier - Healthier Life!

Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery is actively engaged in various communities giving healthy lifestyle seminars and free medical care not only in the USA but also in countries such as Haiti, Jamaica, Ghana, Senegal, the Philippines, and Europe. She is the host of the popular TV show “Get Healthy with Dr. Cooper”, which airs bi-weekly on local TV channels, Facebook, YouTube, Roku, and in over 40 million homes across the America.  


She is the author of the health studies series “My Health and The Creator”, the books: "Get Healthy For Lifeand "Incredibly Delicious Vegan Cook Book", she also writes for and produces the health magazine “Get Healthy”. Her most recent accomplishment is the  book “Fourteen Days to Amazing Health”, in which she outlines various success strategies that will empower the readers to take control of their health, believe that there is an alternative to medications, change their paradigm, and a live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.


Let her help you on your journey to live a happier, healthier life!



Dr. Cooper knows what she's talking about. She's more than an expert. She's a practitioner who lives what she preaches and eats what she cooks --- literally. Rest assured that we're delivering to you the best of the best. Here's a summary snapshot of what the doctor brings under the Cooper Wellness Center's umbrella: 

  • Food As Medicine. The Father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, had it right. Yet, this has been the secrets of divine health since the inception of the world. Dr. Cooper even named her restaurant, FoodAMed to show her commitment to this founding principle.
  • Humanitarian Relief. Dr. Cooper takes time out from her regular practice to help bring healing and relief to those suffering in under served communities in the US and in places like Haiti, Jamaica, Senegal, Ghana, and the Philippines.
  • Results Focused. As a 27-year veteran physician, her practices have been a lab to see and know what really works and what does not. Dr. Cooper wants you to be well, get well, and stay well. It's what she lives for.


​Checkout our books, courses, programs, supplements, or contact us to get started now. These hand-picked resources are to help you achieve optimal mental, emotional, and physical well being.


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“Dr. Cooper-Dockery has brilliantly crafted a tool that you can use for yourself, your family, and your institution, you could live smarter, longer, healthier, happier, and save a bundle of money."

Errol B. Bryce, MD, FACP.

Adj. Asst. Professor of Medicine

"I came to Dr. Dona Cooper because I had diabetes. Now, I'm off my medication, continue to do exercise, and follow the diet plan outlined. If you follow her directions [as given], then everything will be OK."

Ann Garcia

Satisfied Patient

“Dr. Cooper-Dockery has brilliantly crafted a tool that you can use for yourself, your family, and your institution, you could live smarter, longer, healthier, happier, and save a bundle of money."

Ubaldo Salazar, MD.

Family Practice Physician

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