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Medical Provider Personalized Treatment

Sit down with an actual Medical Provider who understands your conditions and knows when to prescribe natural or conventional medicine.

Learn Healthy Cooking

Replace meat, dairy, and sugar in your diet through a variety of delicious and easy recipes. Make better eating choices armed with nutritional knowledge.

Prescribed Natural Remedies

Herbal teas, supplements, hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, charcoal, counseling, poultices, and diet plans are prescribed at you.

Learn Lifestyle Medicine

Understand the cause of your diseases and learn natural remedies and habits to reverse their progression

Prescribed Hot & Cold Therapy

Boost your immune system by increasing circulation and white blood cells.

Discover Simple Exercises

Spend time in nature as you learn the simplest exercise: walking.  

Accommodations Included

Let your body heal as you sleep soundly in a hotel-quality bed.  

Nutrition for Physical Health

Enjoy meals that aren't just delicious, but also low-fat, high-fiber and packed with whole grains, legumes, and nuts.

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Beating Diabetes Before It Beats You


It is said that by 2020, more than half of all Americans will be diabetics or prediabetics.

Alarming? Yes indeed! But… the good news is that you don’t have to fit that statistic. We can crush any predisposition or current lifestyle habit that can lead to diabetes. There’s wisdom and advice we now have that make that more than possible.


My books 14 Days to Amazing Health and Get Healthy for Life offer tried-and- true

recommendations on what can be done to reverse, manage, and prevent diabetes. Today, however I want to share TWO simple, yet very powerful, game-changing pieces of advice that will help anyone beat diabetes before it beats you.


Here they are:


1. Having beans at every meal (Yes, even at breakfast!)

2. Taking a Digestive Walk


Legumes are the highest foods in fiber. Beans and peas fall into this category accounting for 10-16 grams of fiber per 1 cup. Fiber from whole grains is protective against diabetes and helps normalize blood sugar levels. It also makes you feel full and stay full – which curbs your appetite from wanting to snack between meals.


Taking a digestive walk doesn’t mean brute exercise – a dirty word for most people. Studies after studies are showing that regular exercise can cut your risk of diabetes by half or more. Just 30-60 minutes of physical activity lowers insulin resistance and directly helps in lowering blood sugar levels. Exercise has a remarkable effect immediately after a meal. It has the potential to lower blood sugar from 1-3 points for every minute you exercise. That’s anywhere from 30-90 points down to

a healthier sugar level. Although one in 10 adults have diabetes and one in three has pre-diabetes in the US, that does not have to be you. With these two strategic health nuggets, let’s take back our health and get healthy for life!


Cheers to Healthy Lifestyle,


Cooper Wellness Center






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Beating Diabetes Before It Beats You

August 26, 2017

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