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Sit down with an actual Medical Provider who understands your conditions and knows when to prescribe natural or conventional medicine.

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Replace meat, dairy, and sugar in your diet through a variety of delicious and easy recipes. Make better eating choices armed with nutritional knowledge.

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Herbal teas, supplements, hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, charcoal, counseling, poultices, and diet plans are prescribed at you.

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Understand the cause of your diseases and learn natural remedies and habits to reverse their progression

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Boost your immune system by increasing circulation and white blood cells.

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Spend time in nature as you learn the simplest exercise: walking.  

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Let your body heal as you sleep soundly in a hotel-quality bed.  

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Enjoy meals that aren't just delicious, but also low-fat, high-fiber and packed with whole grains, legumes, and nuts.

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10 Reasons to Focus on Food Quality over Food Quantity



One of the top mistakes that dieters make is placing all their focus on meeting daily calorie goals without considering the type of foods that make up the meal plan. It’s important to focus on quantity, but quality is even more important.


It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers because your main focus is weight loss and we all know that you have to decrease your calories to reach this goal. However, this is only one factor and you must remember to create a well-balanced meal plan. And lets face it, keep count and become downright frustrating.


An alternative is to focus more on food quality over food quantity. This will give you the optimal results that you’re looking for. Keep this in mind to stay motivated as you work towards your goals.


Here Are 10 Reasons to Focus on Food Quality over Food Quantity:

  1. Natural weight loss. High quality, nutrient-dense foods are low in calories and promote natural weight loss. This decreases the necessity for calorie counting and makes improving your health easier.

  2. Better physical performance. Quality foods provide an ideal source of fuel for physical activity, which help you to perform better during workout sessions.

  3. Stay energized. High quality foods keep you energized throughout the day. Maintain your energy levels by staying fueled with nutrient-dense foods.

  4. Look younger. High quality foods supply your body with the nutrients to keep your skin looking healthy and your body supple.

  5. Improved nutritional status. The quality of the food you eat establishes your nutritional status. To ensure that it is optimal eat high quality foods, which are high in vitamins and minerals.

  6. Increased fiber intake. High quality foods are richer in fiber. Fiber has many benefits including helping you to stay satisfied which helps in sticking to your diet plan.

  7. Fewer additives. On a high quality diet you’ll eat more natural foods, which will reduce your intake of additives and preservatives. Steering clear of these may help you avoid long-term health problems.

  8. Reduced risk of illness. Nutrient-dense foods offer a multitude of health benefits and reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

  9. Control blood glucose levels. High quality foods promote stable blood sugar levels, which prevents you from crashing and going on a food binge.

  10. Be more productive. Foods that are high in quality keep your mind sharp and enhance your concentration.

  11. Better habits. Choosing high quality foods from day to day teaches you the habit of making good nutrition decisions.

Take Action!

Now you can see why food quality is so important. Pay attention to this factor as you create your weekly meal plan and you will notice improved results in your weight loss journey. Changing your focus from food quantity to food quality is an integral step for long-term weight maintenance.



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